Political Science and Human Rights

The bachelor program in Political Science and Human Rights is the only program in Norway which combines political science with human rights and multicultural society.

The program is aimed at students with an interest in politics and human rights, both at national and international level.

It provides a foundation for employment in public administration, Norwegian and international organizations, schools, businesses and media.

The program focuses on how political systems work, and how political parties and interest groups are working to gain influence and how the benefits and obligations are allocated.

A central topic is how power relations in society affect our security and social welfare.

The concern for human rights plays a decisive role in this context.

The history and philosophical foundation of human rights and legal protection consists an important part of the program.

The program provides extensive knowledge and insight into a variety of topics related to political systems and processes, social analysis and decision-making principles.

In addition, the study an optional specialization course in human rights and the place of human rights in multicultural societies.

The aim of the specialization course in human rights, is that you will gain insight and action competence in relation to respect for human rights in Norway and internationally.

You will also have the skills to understand and relate constructively to cultural differences.

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