Human Rights, Multicultural Understanding and Conflict Management - postgraduate

The program consists of four modules, each of them consisting of 15 ECTS.

The program provides a theoretical basis about how to deal with conflicts, human rights and multicultural work.

Students will also set practical experience through role play and problem solving.

Students will develop an understanding of, and insight into, human rights, and develop their skills to cope with cultural differences.

Students will acquire theoretical knowledge of the empirical and normative character of individuals in multicultural situations.

The program helps to expand the knowledge of conflict management and conflict constraint from a global, state, local and individual perspective.

Personal skills and planning in conflict management and conflict limitation is also among the many topics of the program.

Aspects of human and humanitarian law applicable in crises, wars and disasters will be presented.

Students will gain an understanding of the conditions which must be met for recovery to take place after a conflict or crisis in affected communities.

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