Skin care- Health, Skin and Wellness - one year program

The one-year skin care program is conducted on behalf of the Nordic Skin & Spa Academy, and is an integral part of NHSA's diploma which qualifies for the titles Skin therapist and Skin & spa therapists.

The program has been developed in cooperation between the Nordic Skin & Spa Academy (NHSA), Drammen and Buskerud University College, Faculty of Health Sciences.

NHSA is a private, independent institution and a centre of Scandinavian skin and spa education.

BUC is responsible for curriculum, teaching and assessments.

NHSA is responsible for other courses in the programme leading to the award Skin and spa therapist.

Cooperation and development of this one-year program is unique in a European context, and is, equal to a program offered by college Estonom in Finland, the first skin care program to be offered by a higher education institution.

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av Jan-Henrik Kulberg