Postgraduate courses/programs

The Department of Health Sciences also offers a wide range of postgraduate courses.

Available courses:

- Injuries- prevention, treatment and relief (30 ECTS)

- Ethics in Community Health Services

- Multidisciplinary Acute Stroke Treatment and Rehabilitation of Stroke Survivors (15 ECTS)

- Mental Health and Drug Related Problems

- Quality Management in Health and Social Services, Public and Private Companies (20 ECTS)

- Audit of Management Control Systems for Quality and Environment (10 ECTS)

- Disaster and Crisis Management 1 (15 ECTS)

- Disaster and Crisis Management 2: operative effort (15 ECTS)

- Staff Management and Crisis Management (15 ECTS)

- Interdisciplinary course in Local Environment, Housing and Health (15 ECTS)

- Interdisciplinary course in Ambulatory and Acute Crisis Treatment (15 ECTS)

- Dementia and Age Psychiatry (30 ECTS)

- Clinical Guidance (15 ECTS)

- Interdisciplinary course in Public Health Work (15 ECTS)

- Collaborative Research in Mental Health Work (15 ECTS)

- Psychosocial Work with Families with Children 0-4 years (30 ECTS)

- Dialogue practice- Ethical and Existential Dialogues (30 ECTS)

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