Nursing - bachelor

The nursing program provides students with expertise in health promotion and prevention, education and counselling.

Candidates will also learn about research and development and quality assurance, organization and management.

Research-based teaching, systematic instruction in literature, and participation in development projects in practice are therefore important elements in the nursing program.

Buskerud University College offers a flexible teaching program, which allows us to address the problem areas that are relevant.

The program also focuses on the historical and ethical foundations in nursing, as we are committed to providing and preserving the traditions and values ​​about being a nurse.

Nursing is implemented through care, education, health promotion and prevention.

The foundation of nursing is respect for individual human life and inherent dignity.

Nursing should be based on compassion, care and respect for fundamental human rights.

Our teaching programs are based on the principle of learning in practice.

Students need to be active in their own learning process.

Activities like case studies, practical skills training, group discussions and seminars consist an important part of the program.

Students will get continuous feedback on assignments from teachers and fellow students.

BUC alternates between theoretical studies and practical exercises in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

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